Andrea Pizza Best Slices

Andrea Pizza: Best Slices

Andrea Pizza is a family-owned enterprise that operates several skyway kiosks, but the one on 2nd Avenue is our favorite, serving the best “by the slice” cheese pizza in town. Andrea’s pies are razor-thin, hand tossed, deck-oven-baked flying saucers of perfection. The toppings may be scant for some, but we like the balance and acidity in the sauce and the careful restraint in applying the fresh cheese. Try the white pizza; it is very good as well. Andrea cuts its eighteen-inch pizzas into big fat triangles, making this place an oasis for expat New Yorkers looking for a slice most akin to what they ate back home. Andrea delivers within a good-sized radius of downtown [2nd Avenue in Towle Building location delivers].

By Andrew Zimmern and Adam Platt